Cryptocurrency – The Counter Force to Globalization

So what does the future look like, let’s discuss.

The Counter Force: Cryptocurrency

As the trajectory of the world turns from globalization to balkanization, crypto is here to take the globalization story the rest of the way.

Putin’s Internet Iron Curtain can change what Russians see on the internet, but it can’t change Ethereum.

There is no ‘China’s Ethereum’ or ‘Russia’s Bitcoin’. The whole point of these things is that they are universal coordination tools, and they exist on a scale that is larger than nations.

So while Ukrainians and Russians are being presented with two different versions of the world, when they look at the state of Ethereum or the account balances of Bitcoin, they’re seeing the same story as everyone else in the world.

This is why blockchains are called ‘truth-machines’. Blockchains don’t lie.

While the Nation States of the world are ‘going their separate ways,’ the people of the world are all getting onto the same Web3 protocols.

Maybe we over-indexed on globalization in the physical world, but in the digital world… we’re just getting started.

If we are indeed at the start of changing the new world order, you can expect the physical world to become more isolationist. Food and energy will be produced and sourced locally, so we don’t have to deal with international trade and supply chains.

But the metaverse is inherently global. So while our Nation States put up walls around its citizens, the metaverse passes right through these walls, connecting the individuals of the world on the same plane of existence.  

This has always been the promise of crypto:

  • The dollar network is losing faith.
  • The supply chain networks are breaking down.
  • Even the internet itself is losing global consensus.

Yet, the march of humans trying to figure out how to coordinate with each other at larger and larger scales will not wait for Nation States to figure it out.

Humans just want to coordinate. We’re going to do it whether or not our Nation States help us achieve this goal. 

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Manal Iskander

Manal is a cryptocurrency investor with numerous crypto and blockchain courses under her belt - including courses from MIT. A researcher with a wealth of knowledge about the economic impacts of crypto both locally and globally.

Davontay Martin

For the people. Cryptocurrency is empowering us with censorship resistance, freedom of speech, supply scalability and most importantly decentralization. With numerous exposure and interactions in crypto, my passion has led me to lead others. My passion lies in educating those who have never had the opportunity to succeed or transact in crypto.

Michael Diaz

Michael joined the crypto community back when Coinbase had bitcoin as its one and only coin. Stayed to see the development and evolution of altcoins, memecoins, DAOs, NFTs, and the never-ending rabbit hole of blockchain technology.

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