As a key element of digital solutions and the center of the API Economy, APIs are the foundation of the new digital economy. Long-established centralized APIs are now totally decentralized thanks to the deployment of blockchain technology by several decentralized platforms. Decentralized apps (dApps) that operate on a decentralized system as a result of dAPIs are a perfect illustration of it. While classic APIs are centralized and not necessarily compatible with blockchain technology, dAPIs are functionally identical to traditional APIs.
Understanding what an API is necessary to comprehend decentralized APIs.

A well-defined and well-documented mechanism called an Application Programming Interface (API) enables data and service transfers between online and mobile apps. Online businesses can now use an API to make their data and services available as marketable service modules, which developers can then use in their apps. As a result, software development is more effective in terms of both time and money. It is simple to understand why APIs have evolved into the most crucial building blocks in the digital world as compared to the times when programmers had to create each feature of their application from scratch.

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