Web3 Job Boards, Is that even a thing?

The hype surrounding web3 has been picking up steam, resulting in fresh approaches that have the potential to transform the field of technology. In essence, web3 modifies how people use the internet. As a result, it unmistakably points to the likelihood that those working in technology will change careers. In the upcoming years, the labor market is likely to be dominated by web3 careers, with the skill gap closing. At the time of this article there are already web3 communities with niches like Women of Web3 , a community, founded by a woman, Lauren Ingram,  that is helping women through job opportunities and learning resources.  

Decentralization, as promoted by web3, offers a solution to many conventional internet usage drawbacks. Now remember, there is much controversy over the exact usage and definition, but isn’t that the case with any new adoption of such a technology that offers more autonomy. However, because web3 is still relatively new, many people are unsure of its precise definition. You can lay the groundwork for a career in web3 by having a clear understanding of the fundamentals of web3.  

What opportunities are there in web3?  

The first and foremost question on everyone’s mind right now because it can dispel any uncertainty about the rewards of a web3 career. Interestingly, the most crucial aspect of web3, or blockchain technology, holds the solution. Blockchain makes it possible for financial transactions, the exchange of information, and even the application itself to move from centralized to decentralized protocols.

The goal of web3 is to create a semantic web that allows for seamless interaction between machines and people.

Blockchain can enable secure communication channels while protecting sensitive data, including personal information. Jobs on smart contract development are growing.

Throughout discussions on the potential of technology, one of the trends that is constantly changing is the blockchain transformation. 

Web3 applications are used in many blockchain-based applications, such as:

  • DeFi
  • Gaming 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Healthcare 
  • IoT 
  • Digital Identity
  • …. and many more.

A promising reason to search the web3 market for new jobs is web3’s potential not to mention the average web3 developer salary estimate is $120,000 to $170,000. If you add experience and job title, web3 professionals often can command higher salaries. 

What are some job roles you can hold in web3?

Blockchain and crypto have had serious growth over the past two years, at a rate of 395%. So now time like the present for a web3 professional.

A career in web3 would assist you in gaining an advantage over your contemporaries. Based on the use cases across various domains, you can get an idea of the scope of the opportunities in web3.

Common job roles are smart contract developers, content creators, UI development, UX design and technical roles. However all careers in web3, candidates should have a knowledge of DeFi, DAOs and NFTs as well as decentralized gaming. 

Your career in web3 should also place a strong emphasis on creativity. Your ability to be creative will help you come up with fresh concepts and content as well as adapt to the constantly changing web3 environment. 

Project management skills are the most crucial non-technical requirement for web3 professionals. Develop your abilities to oversee and monitor the dApps development process.

The best way to persuade a potential web3 employer is to demonstrate how you can use your abilities to address real-world issues. However, you must start from scratch to develop your web3 skills and keep up with the most recent trends, protocols, and use cases.

At the end of the day web3 is allowing for an interconnected, ubiquitous and semantic internet, so let’s get to it!

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